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嗜憶 Swallow

At A Glance

  • Released: 6/29/22

  • Reviews: 37, net mostly positive, as of 12/2023

  • English Reviews: 17

  •  Localized in: english, trad. chinese

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

  • English ~43% 

  • Simp. Chinese ~18%

  •  Trad. Chinese ~18%

  • Price: $3.99

  • Review report

  • Negatives:  no tension, confusing, not scary, weak dialog, no sprint

  • Positives:   soft horror, good story


  • Walking simulator primarily, interaction in the form of notes to unravel the story

  • Some chase sections have a starving meter, but it’s a little janky


  • Music gets more tense as the lighthouse is climbed



  • Door opening sfx i've heard in other games before, sfx pack

  • Wind blowing through the house is very loud when the window is open

  • Dubstep noises start playing when entering the actual lighthouse

  • VO for the child is lower quality than the wife


  • Realistic, dark


  • Player is allowed to choose any chapter right from the main menu

  • Main menu and buttons are all in-world and plastered on objects

  • Options only available in main menu


  • Story told through flashbacks and interactable items

Scare Factor

  • Picture falls down in the hallway

  • Lighthouse is creepy with music and ambience

  • After lighting the flame the stairwell down is completely dark, and something is whispering

  • After going into storage room footsteps can be heard outside and someone is walking around, trying to get in

  • Glass breaks loudly while walking through creepy hallway

  • Creepy hallway with whispering people and flying pictures has to be traversed, also takes away hunger

  • On the 4th chapter the place is a mess and a lightbulb explodes loudly

  • There is also a chair in the hallway that moves on its own


  • Made in unreal with Horror Engine

  • There is no save system so all chapters are selectable from the main menu


  • Decent game, short which works in its favor

  • I noticed some store bought assets were used which is a plus for development

  • Not very scary, but had some jumpscare and tense moments

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