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The Swine

At A Glance

  • Released: 6/18/20

  • Reviews: 246, net very positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 163

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~62%

    • German ~6%

    • Russian ~6%

  • Price: $1.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: bad voiceover, ok graphics, little player interactivity, noticeable frame drops, boring, too short

    • Positives: great atmosphere, story, and music


  • Seems like everyday is some VO with directions and a task

    • Gf is in bathroom again, handy way of keeping her hidden

  • Grabbed lantern, forced to use it from menu, not intuitive

    • Hand holding appears, physics rotation based on camera is funny

  • Took awhile for me to figure out that I had to combine card with another item to proceed

    • Ritual in basement, seance


  • Ominous music at main menu, not phenomenal


  • Weird voice-acting, no models, just black screen and text, uncomfortable

    • Good way of avoiding second model and animated cutscene

  • Could hear tiny footsteps in common area

    • Stinger occurred when door was opened

    • Basement is very quiet, too quiet

    • Light is barely adequate, but keeps tension up

  • Breathing starts as I approach the stairs again (sounds masked)


  • Weird symbol in main menu, could be demonic, eldritch, aztec

  • Seems to have some connection to tarot cards

  • Model has animated feet walking, but no arms

    • Has animated arm shadows though

  • Looking out the windows there are tree models/textures, and past them is a skybox that looks like a grassy field, more trees, and sky

  • Even on the lowest settings the kitchen area seems to lower FPS a lot

    • Lighting in the windows is odd too, kind of foggy, can’t see outside clearly

  • Running down the stairs rotates the camera down and you can see the neck hole of the shirt (and leg twitches)

  • Game has heavy-hitting FPS areas (kitchen, bathroom) but I don’t know how I would fix them

  • After picking up tarot card floor creaks, camera freaks out

  • Pig masked person standing in the way, appears static

    • Underneath light, will probably break

    • Getting closer makes furniture surround it, VO comes back

    • ‘I understand it’, I’m lost

    • Rest of pig family is in entrance, guy is pretty calm now

  • This is a small house, but appears to be effective in running around and giving player something to do (has done well at $2)

  • Next level house is rearranged, fridge missing, candles leading to entrance

    • Pig knocks at door, can’t open, walk away, opens anyway


  • Vincent Lade plastered his name all over the main menu

  • Main menu is in-game, person standing to the side


  • Gf asks to start breakfast, mentions crazy lady

  • Can't remember previous night, girl is in bathroom once again

    • Not even a static model is used so we can see that she is real

  • Pigs left a note right on the outside bench about watching the house. What cultists do that?

    • What bigger idiot reads that and doesn’t run immediately (or at least react)

  • Picked up a grimy VHS tape and task completed, how bad would it smell?

    • According to tape this takes place in 2020, why no cell phones?

  • Picked up axe in shed and now he’s under some spell

  • In church with pigs, ritual occurring to put some guy into player body

    • Aleister, appears that main character became a pig also in the end

Scare Factor

  • Pig family is back in house, half of them are static

    • Go back to bedroom and probably kill gf

    • Pigs are outside, set up a key

    • Finally get to see bathroom, gf definitely dead (blood)

      • Whispers from bathtub, curtain drawn

  • Biggest scare in the game was when the pig guy ran in from the entrance and tackled the player, unexpected (Although it was in the trailer)


  • A decent short experience with an odd story

  • Not a lot of scares in this one, mainly relies on atmosphere and psychological tricks

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