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The Juiciest Compilation of my Knowledge

Here it is in one place!  Everything I've learned that might benefit you in making games.  Anything I made public, spoken about, or open-sourced is for you to educate yourself on game-making.

Holiday Destination

I Offer Mentorship

If you want to make games and don't know where to start, come to me.  We can have a chat about where you want to go, what you are looking to do, and I can point you towards communities, resources, and jobs that might interest you.

Email me:

Schedule a meeting:

Holiday Destination

Trello Boards I used for Project Management

Check out the Trello boards I used while developing past projects!

Altidudes -

Playback Trauma: The Beach -

Playback Trauma: In Sickness -

I Interview Recruiters

On my blog I reach out to other recruiters and ask some of my burning questions on the hiring process

My Micro-Talk on Indie Business

I created a slide deck on the finances and business aspect of running an indie game company. The talk was cancelled, but please use the slides to educate yourselves on what goes into Indie Business.

The Slides -

Need a Job?

Try these all-in-one resources

Game Dev LFW Resources, by Javiera Cordero

JD's GameJobs List

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