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Again and Again

At A Glance

  • Released: 9/15/22

  • Reviews:67,  net very positive, as of 12/2023

  • English Reviews: 35

  •  Localized in: English, Turkish

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

  • English ~44% 

  • German ~29%

  •  Turkish ~12%

  • Price: $4.99

  • Review report

  • Negatives: needed more puzzles and more story, too short, had some noticeable bugs, 

  • Positives:   good atmosphere, sound design was good enough to create unease, 


  • Sprint button is available but has almost no noticeable change to movement speed (Saw some reviews mention this too)

  • PT-like with a hallway and door to go through to repeat and look for what has changed

  • Doorbell rings but the door cannot be answered

  • Door unlocks after blowing out all candles in order on a pentagram floor drawing

  • NV cam in use when the basement runs out of power

  • Levers need to be turned on to get the power back


  •  Atmospheric and tense as the game starts, walking through a blood-red hallway

  • Music changes to very intense when the apartment changes a lot and in the basement


  • Game has a deep sfx for switching menu options

  • Sfx in the house echo for quite a long time


  • Realistic art

  • NV effect looks good


  • Looks a little bare in the options menu for the buttons and selectables

  • Otherwise it’s fine


  • Radio programs offer a limited view into the story

Scare Factor

  • After reading first note, a shadowy figure appears at the end of the hallway when turning around

  • Knocking at the PT repeat door, was locked

  • Chair doll in childs room making weird noises, getting in front of it makes door close

  • Lights turn off and I have to turn them back on

  • Wall crawling creature appeared when walking through the PT portal door

  • Trash bag was left suspiciously in the kitchen, when getting closer and turning around a scary lady was there, then disappears when getting too close

  • Painting on the wall falls down and player is forced to look at it

  • Door near the portal door is knocked on, opening it reveals a shadowy figure on the other side, and the door is closed

  • Hallucinations in the hallway make everything go red and the crawling creature returns

  • Light explodes very loudly

  • Scary lady is standing menacingly and making noises in the kitchen

  • Tv turns on loudly

  • The tv show that comes on is somehow the creepiest one that could have been chosen, something old

  • The only sound that comes out is a low creepy droning

  • Loud knocking on bathroom door

  • Loud jumpscare after crawling through desks in the hallway, scary lady flew out of door

  • The tv room has a key which can be picked up, and when trying to leave player is forced to look at the tv once more

  • After this is done breathing can be heard behind the player, and the way is blocked by something (Need to turn around and get jumpscared)

  • Scary lady in the bathroom, door slams shut and she starts banging

  • Prompt to run away

  • Creature huddled over a pile of stuff was in a room boarded up with wood, jumpscares if you look at it too long

  • Ultra scare after listening to the radio in a room at the end of the stairs, lady jumps out and screams

  • Scary lady face leaning past wall

  • Scary lady also crawls really creepy on path I need to go

  • Visibility in the basement is extremely low and it’s well known what is down there


  • Made with Unreal


  • Maximized playability with 2-3 small environments

  • Created a wonderfully tense atmosphere

  • It may have been fruitful to translate the game into a couple more languages

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