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Find Yourself

At A Glance

  • Released: 2/21/21

  • Reviews:779, net very positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 405

  • Localized in: English, German, Russian

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~46%

    • Russian ~25%

    • German ~7%

  • Price: $6.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: not scary (jumpscares are cheap), story is weak, not clear on what to do next

    • Positives: good atmosphere and graphics, good audio design, scary, loved the jumpscares, interesting story


  • Same walking/character system as game 1

    • Instructions appear as words inside game world

    • Sprinting upgrade

    • I think head bobbing is same for walking and running

  • Zombie lady appears after getting bolt cutters for door, slowly moves forward

    • Player can die for first time

    • Music cue is very effective at telling players they should run

    • Zombie is also bald and has a big head

  • Back at house in basement, it’s possible to fail by turning off lights

  • Transitions to park, i see a clown patrolling with a hammer

    • This is a deadly situation

    • Clown got stuck when i lured him back to merry go round

    • Music is oddly fitting for this section, goofy, creepy, clownish

    • When clown gets you he gets stuck looping the attack animation

  • In this section, you had to get knife, pry open fuse box, grab fuse, take fuse to carousel, make it move, take bolt cutters, cut open chest, then get jumpscared

  • Now back in house you are tasked with setting up a trap to catch monster

    • Monster trips and screams, appears to be his own mother

  • Have to do a symbol with puzzles otherwise you die

    • Afterwards boy is seen on subway sleeping


  • Music is way more upbeat (synth) for main menu


  • In the subway car after an audio cutscene

    • Music is more obvious here, i think its better

    • Babies crying at either end

    • Lots of noises and scratching

    • After interacting with a briefcase the game cuts to childhood in a room

  • Same cry laughing sound from first game


  • Graffiti everywhere, lots of similar decals just put in different spots

  • Game starts in a dark subway

  • Crowbar reveals rooms full of mannequins

  • Guy in a tux walks by, jumpscare from a clown?


  • Same splash screen and language selection as previous game

  • Menu is passable, still looks generic in the settings


  • Revealed that boy was kidnapped by clown

    • Learned to control sleep as a result

  • Boys real parents were insane

  • Demon monster appears at the very end behind gates

Scare Factor

  • Following tutorial instructions leads to phone booth, but after turning around a deformed body appears

    • Lost scare factor beyond initial appearance because it lasted too long (I got a good look)

  • Inside room the sounds of footsteps approach and the door opens

    • Outside there is a mask, something playing on radio

    • Door slams once you get too close

  • Some creature is under the bed and there is a large shadowy figure in the room (light turns off to prevent a good look)

    • Window glass sounded like it was broken, jumpscare outside

  • Back in subway car there is music playing, and a zombie in a dress appears

    • Zombie gets closer and lights turn off

  • Child sits in the subway car, staring makes a creature scuttle across

  • Exiting the car there is a mannequin, but the zombie appears suddenly with a loud jumpscare

    • This one got me more than others, may have been the volume coupled with exact sound (like screaming and regular jumpscare noise)

  • After house Mother locks in the room, then the next act is upbeat and fun with music and rainbow lights

    • I think this is a carnival-type deal with clowns

    • Clown rises up out of a puddle of blood and jumpscares


  • These games aren’t perfect and are quite flawed, do NOT chase perfection with other horror games


  • A short horror game that leans heavily into jumpscares and atmosphere

  • Can be confusing at times since players are offered little in the way of directions

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