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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

At A Glance

  • Released: 10/22/21

  • Reviews: 68, net mostly positive, as of 7/2023

  • English Reviews: 37

  • Localized in: English/Japanese/Korean

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English~46%

    • Simp Chinese ~16%

    • Korean ~10%

  • Price: $3.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: story seems to be inadequate, AI challenges, graphics inadequate, not scary

    • Positives: Not much specific in reviews, good audio


  • Amnesia style door opening, no tutorial

  • Can hide in trash cans and lockers around the house, animated well

  • First task is to pick up a flashlight, might be when the horror starts

    • After picking up light the camera moves to the next objective, very useful, minimizes confusion even if a bit jarring to see for the first time

  • Sparkling particles and sfx plays when near an objective, also useful even if not realistic

  • Controls are a little clunky for stealth, and that appears to be a large part of how the game is played (avoiding the enemy)

  • Enemy has a visibility meter (option needs to be enabled for it) that really helps to not die

  • Upon dying have to restart at the first objective of checkpoint


  • No music, just air conditioning noises and dog barking


  • Footsteps sounding off outside of view, classic tension-builder


  • Goes for a realistic style, not terrific but gets the job done

Scare Factor

  • Going out to get package, door slams shut, entrance can’t be interacted with

    • Looking back at the interior, then back at the entrance deliveryman appears out of thin air with a horror stinger, got me

    • Delivery driver starts freaking out when the package is taken

    • Package is empty, need to place it on the floor inside the house for the next part

  • After the deliveryman a pajama girl infiltrates the house, starts walking around, crawls up the wall

  • Enemy is a tall girl with black hair and unsettling eyes (uncanny valley-like)

    • When enemy attacks you, it's a jumpscare and the models face gets distorted, takes the fear away from before the first encounter because you know what to expect


  • Game seems to have had a YT push with fairly large names playing the game and racking up views in the 100K - 10 mils


  • Overall I think the Steam capsules are enough to draw attention from the horror crowd. The game offers a fair amount of content and ‘story’ for the player at a modest price, and that allowed the game to do better than average along with YT coverage.

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