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Security Booth (Directors Cut)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

At A Glance

  • Released on: 8/19/22

  • Reviews: 151, net very positive, as of 7/2023

  • English Reviews: 133

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~82%

    • Russian ~ 5%

    • Portugese ~ 4%

  • Price: 4.99$

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: Boring to some people and laborious, not engaging enough (If I remember correctly an update was made to address this), multiple playthroughs seemed to hurt enjoyment for some players, Very few people mentioned the artstyle (Better than saying the art was bad)

    • Positives: short and sweet, atmosphere top-notch, extra content (lore) that was added impressed players,


Cars drive up quietly, up to you to speak with drivers, check license plates, match it to computer database

  • Consider horror while doing something mundane, a job, then explore how horror changes it

  • Accidentally let a driver pass without a check, thought I could close the gae in time but once it starts it doesn’t stop until the process is complete

  • Invisible barrier stops player from going into corp.

    • Also a barrier to the forest


  • Music begins after explosion, but mostly scary booming noises, like a heartbeat

  • Mysterious synth music in dream world


  • Night noises (crickets, bugs, etc.) play on main menu, no music

  • Monster banging on door is an SFX, cuts off a bit early

  • Crystal in the Kraken station hums and crackles


  • Low poly artstyle, did it help keep production costs low?

    • Normally referred toas PSX

  • Camera filter looks like old footage on a TV


  • Driver approaches and says it’s his first day

    • Moral choice to follow orders or make him leave

    • Not in database anyway

  • Driver said he washed his hands and 2 fingernails came off

    • Gross, but thematically appropriate story

  • Driver recites his plate number, says it was to make our job easier

    • Gives a completely different plate from his

    • An exercise in trust

  • Another phone call comes through, states emergency lockdown, weapons are activated and families will be informed of employee death

    • At the height of all the paranormal events, a look at how extremely bad things are getting

  • First content tape offers a look inside the corp from an employee perspective

    • Door opens into dream world

    • Notes present in the dream world

    • Character got a job offer from corp, but doesn’t remember applying to them

    • Notes get more deranged, something classified is happening and possibly otherworldly

    • Something in the dark, entities

  • Can die by getting run over (Ending 6)

  • After first ending, notes appear on the walls around the booth

    • Speaks about Natasha, a corpo employee who died

    • Thought I missed the note on my first playthrough

  • Car stranger that stares at you eventually leaves if you stay put

  • Corp. explosion requires you to be inside the booth to trigger

  • A hidden note appeared close to the exit gate for the corp.

    • An option appeared to walk inside

    • Chose to go in, got a look at the inner offices and a dancing party with the shadow person

      • Option to go in only appears at a certain point in the story, maybe after explosion?

      • Secret ending, very unexpected

  • Did a playthrough and let everyone in, towers popped up at the end and opened a portal in the sky

    • Entire sky turned red, particles appeared, really creepy and sounded serious with alarms blaring

  • Did a playthrough and let ‘the stranger’ into the corp, place got nuked

  • In the 2nd tape, play as another employee of the corp.

    • Upon hearing the error message, decided to leave

    • There is a classroom full of desks with notes asking how students felt after an experiment

    • Able to theorize, and some environmental storytelling makes it even creepier (blood stuff all over one of the desks)

    • Can hear explosions while wandering the hallway

    • One of them knocks down the player, corp goes dark and red, auxiliary lighting

    • Laser spots me and closes a blast door

    • Voice comes on the loudspeaker, distorted, it’s the final message the guard hears outside

    • Dies before the exit is reached

  • In 3rd tape, exploration of several sub stations is possible

    • While looking at artifacts in the ‘Kraken’ archives, an alarm sounded, sudden

      • A ‘dropping event’ was imminent, sent me back to area with phones

    • Entered Medusa station, snowy log cabin

      • Something destroyed the station

      • Call disconnected because an ‘entity’ was detected

    • Out of the 5 phones, only 2 work


  • Main menu has shot of the booth with very slight camera shake

  • Game instructions were made in the form of a comic or similar to a PS1 instructional

  • Controls are a bit unconventional, can’t interact with UI through mouse, only keys

  • Text system is bare but it works

Scare Factor

  • Tension is usually high when starting a horror game, never know where the next scare will come from

  • Door to booth closes on its’ own, creeped me out first time, assumed a driver got out of the car to yell at me (My fear working in service/hospitality)

  • Light occasionally turns on/off, spooky

    • Radio turns on and initiates a countdown, weird things starting?

    • Phone call comes through with an error code, creepy, robo-voice

  • After phone call the opposite door opened, not sure if my fault, glitch, or intentional horror moment

  • In horror every little thing is scrutinized, but not for the usual reasons (Why is anything doing anything, is it evil? Corrupted?)

    • Fear takes hold, and any unintentional events or even ‘bugs’ could be considered part of the horror

  • Exit side door keeps opening, setting something up to scare?

    • Also heard a chair noise

  • Car comes and stops on the other side of the street, a black figure gets out

    • Hard to see in the distance

    • As I approached the figure it got into the car and left

  • Knocking on the window, terrifying thing to hear when alone

    • Door was open, nothing there

    • Massive explosion, relieved all the tension that got built up

    • Received a call that system failed, things are getting bad

  • Answer phone, crusty breathing, seems like a creature

  • Bloody handprint slams on glass

  • Heard breathing while checking database for a name, next to left ear

    • Handprints on the door, and the chair creaking all happened while checking another driver

  • Phone call says to look behind

    • Don’t want to

    • Seems like story won’t progress unless I look

    • Heard knocking while the voice spoke

    • Cloaked figure beyond the glass

  • Floating and 3D, very uncanny

    • Collapses as I approach

  • New car approaches and the driver speaks gibberish nonsense

    • Phone also rings at the same time, other side asks for someone to help in ghostly voice

    • Turn back to the car and it disappears

    • Phone screams, light flickers, and handprints slam all over the glass

  • Dark figure from earlier bangs on glass and appears in front of phone

    • Phone rings

    • ‘They are here’


  • Made with Unreal

  • Extra content tapes unlock at each of the first 3 endings

    • Each tape appears to unlock a new area to explore with added lore

  • Plaque appears in the booth for completing the game for the first time

    • Employee of the Month

  • Tried to do secret ending twice, appeared to softlock

    • Screen dimmed but UI didn’t appear

  • Game got serious YT attention

    • Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Gab smolders, Alpha beta gamer, Coryxkenshin


  • A masterclass in minimal content usage

    • Most of the horror comes from audio, little gameplay involved

  • Regardless of the multiple endings, I think people got really interested in the Mandela-catalogue-esque lore

  • I also think if the game was localized into high-density languages (Simp. Chinese, Russian, Japanese) it would have done excellently

  • Professionally, I think if any game gets anywhere above 100 Steam reviews naturally with only one language, localization should be seriously considered

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