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Locked Up

At A Glance

  • Released: 3/31/22

  • Reviews: 61, net very positive, as of 7/2023

  • English Reviews: 7

  • Localized in: English/Russian

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

  • Russian ~83%

  • English ~10%

  • Simp. Chinese ~3%

  • Price: $3.99

  • Review report:

  • Negatives: All English reviews were positive, seems the ending wasn’t enjoyed by a majority, short, not very original

  • Positives: Spooky story, unsettling, depicts anxiety well, art and music were nice, story was good overall for players


  • Kinetic visual novel (As such, there is no gameplay beyond text progression and reading)


  • Upon game start music is melancholy, depressing

  • MC turns on radio after nearly crashing the car, plays rock (Calls it upbeat pop)

  • Mentions artists that may exist in real life


  • Radio fades and screeches, turns off, no signal

  • Dog is afraid of it and barks

  • SFX for dog are a little imperfect, can hear outside noises (AC unit?)


  • Title screen was slightly animated


  • Game starts in Russian, excited me personally but I also can’t read it (yet)


  • MC stops for mushrooms near the entrance, finds very little

  • MC says gas gauge looks ‘good enough’ (in horror, this is never good enough)

  • While driving a new road is spotted that is covered by grass and leaves, untainted by hunters or drivers

  • Gets to new area, darker, lifeless, quiet, describing what the place feels like

  • MC says herself they are far away from any towns

  • While collecting shrooms the dog bursts into the leaves

  • Comes back carrying a galosh

  • Wet, and seems recently used, but forest hasn’t been explored in years

  • MC returns to car but it’s broken

  • May have been foul play, music changes

  • No phone service either, unable to call for help

  • Night approaches

  • They sleep without issue until dog begs to go outside

  • Morning comes and repairs on the car go poorly can’t fix

  • No more food, MC cooks shrooms and eats them

  • MC starts to panic on another night and runs out of the car

  • Forces the dog to come with her

  • Can’t stand the hopelessness

  • Back in the car, MC thinks the dog is possessed and forces it outside after she’s bitten

  • Dog appears to turn demonic

  • MC is losing it, dehydrated, starving, only had mushrooms (some rotten)

  • The next morning it rains, MC falls out of the car, too weak

  • Some transformation begins to occur

  • Dog is found, but MC can’t speak, only wheeze

  • Barely able to walk, and has blurry vision

  • In epilogue, a couple is driving through the rain

  • They hit MC, but she is still alive

  • MC slaughters couple and looks like a shroom monster

  • Unresponsive to pain

Scare Factor

  • Going further in, seems to notice someone nearby but quickly brushes it off

  • Nothing is shown

  • MC picks some shrooms in a clearing, digs further and sees a human ribcage

  • Music changes, distorts, still sounds a little too active for horror, but enjoyable nonetheless

  • Head has been removed from the bones

  • Dog has a problem with the bones, barks

  • MC finds another galosh nearby, belongs to the corpse?

  • Rounded out the mystery of the galosh very quickly and nicely

  • MC arrives at a large hole, unnatural, dog doesn’t like it

  • Appears to be a makeshift graveyard

  • No pictures of it directly shown, but explained thoroughly through text

  • Overgrown, bones protruding, ripped clothes everywhere

  • Dog leaves to go pee in the night and doesn’t come back when called, gets tense

  • Dog returns dirty and wet from the forest eventually

  • MC tries to walk back to the main road and gives up on the car, but a thick fog brings her around in a circle

  • Even though she only walked straight

  • Tries walking the other way and the same thing happens

  • Girl runs into some creature in the forest at night

  • On the 3rd night, a corrupted moose stares at MC in the headlights

  • MC has mushrooms growing on the skin, begins cutting and tearing them off while bleeding


  • Made with renpy

  • Game has a very large portion of Russian-speaking reviewers

  • No choices throughout the game, but this was communicated on the Steam page

  • No jumpscares, all horror was psychological


  • The story kept me interested, and ended on a depressing note seeing the main character become fully corrupted

  • Art was very nice, and goes to show you can have plenty of detail with a grayscale color palette

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