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Locked Up

At A Glance

  • Released: 4/24/20

  • Reviews: 929, net mostly positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 509

  • Localized in: english, russian, german

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~50%

    • Russian ~19%

    • German ~7%

  • Price: $12.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: confused about how to proceed in the game and gets frustrating, not scary after awhile, very scripted experience

    • Positives: spooky and creative, good graphics, effective sound design


  • New game starts with a note about how game should be played and what to expect

    • Plays as if seen from a vhs camcorder

  • Player is locked before they get too close to the cultists, video ends with satanic symbol

  • Stuck in a new room, searching a desk, drawers open on a timer

    • Time period seems to change

  • In the hallway outside the room you have to move between doors to make events pass

    • Unnerving, dark, requires flashlight

  • Stuck in the room and had difficulty getting to next steps

    • Had to try opening desk drawers which activated a scare

    • Scary crouching girl above closet

  • In the child bedroom someone gets up and turns on the tv

    • Have to put toys away (doll in center disappears)

  • Back in tv room patient lady points at book that unlocks wardrobe

  • Unlocking wardrobe reveals nothing, but after lighter goes out and VHS turns on a title appears ‘She’s close’

    • Once you put it down the zombie girl appears and jumpscares


  • Creepy ambience plays at the main menu, sounds decent

  • Music is the exact same track I bought for PTTB


  • Exact same car model that was used in PTTB is present at the beginning of the game (green jeep, free on UE marketplace)

  • Room goes dark and is only lit by a candle

    • Voices start, necronomicon on the desk

    • There’s a photo of the desk candle, and the UI reticle is visible

  • Nice looking zombie girl model

  • So far I’ve seen 4-5 models in hallways

    • Zombie guy, boy, zombie girl, bloody woman, tall ghost lady, regular old man getting dragged away

  • Hair on models is noticeably static

  • Scene changes back to forest, beige truck is used (free?)

  • Little girl appears in summoning circle, girl scout outfit

  • Clock goes from 2:20 - 2:30 AM and loops


  • Splash screen at the start (had the same one since the first release by Emika_Games)

    • Epilepsy warnings

  • Title screen looks great, buttons are slanted along the wall, respond by turning orange when hovered over

    • VHS effect is playing with a timer at the bottom left, how far does it go?

  • Settings are somewhat barren except for graphics

    • Audio has global audio slider only

    • Controls only have sensitivity and inversion

    • Key bindings look good


  • Seems like family lost daughter, then employed satanists to bring her back

    • Pentagram summoning circle

  • Key found under briefcase in new section of house, revealed polaroid camera in drawer

    • Picture taken of clock reveals ghost lady and another apparition in photo

    • After photo goes down the clock disappears, and the lady is partially hidden behind door

  • Game seems to switch between past and present with/without a camcorder

  • Start new video tape

  • Inside house halls again, boxes confine you to half the area

    • Unsettling notes found

    • Picture on chair disappears (interesting detail if caught)

    • Once ke is picked up and out in the hallway scary lady is jittering under the flickering light

    • Getting closer turns it off and plays some cracking noises

      • Getting even closer she bends forward, light turns on, then camera glitches

  • Bald guy is recorded watching something and tall ghost lady controls? Him

    • Then ghost lady stares at camera

  • It's revealed that tall lady controlled Mother?

    • Also revealed that main character is Dad, and declared insane after ghost lady possessed mother and forced her to kill child

    • Ghost lady appears and says we have to stay

Scare Factor

  • Off the road i can already see bodies in the trees

    • Approaching them i can hear footsteps very close, but see nothing

  • Child scream laughs again, unexpected

  • Outside the door i can see a lot of hooded figures and cultists

    • ‘Fuck’ / ‘oh shit’

  • Light turns off and a ghostly breathing starts, then it flicks in and out revealing a tall ghost lady facing the door

    • Light strobes and walls look torn and old

  • The subtle changes and transitions in the game are unexpected, leverage that

  • Religious symbolism, reversed crucifix, pentagram summons

  • Ghost lady appears in hallway, animated and facing the other way

  • Knock at the door makes flashlight go down, lady can’t be seen because of darkness

  • Painting falls off wall, startles

    • Footsteps naked go into another room

  • Tall lady was in hallway, hobbled just out of sight and disappeared

  • Bedsheet cultists appear in the first and burn some bodies

    • Zombie guy appears at the end and it cuts out

  • After reading final note (which may have been self-written) a ghost lady appears from behind, turns off lights, sniffs? Player, and they die


  • Credits are a recording walking through forest (Credits at top)

    • Markiplier in credits

    • Vsauce Joel too

    • jacksepticeye

    • Game got quite a bit of press attention

    • Started me in a game right after credits

  • Level select is a level in itself, and all locations are available

  • Post credits there is more game


  • A well-done experience for the Emika Games debut

  • Graphics and atmosphere were excellent

  • At points the game relied very heavily on scripted sequences which took away from the experience

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