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Maple County

At A Glance

  • Released: ?

  • Reviews: 196, net 4.5, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: ?

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • ? ~%

    • ? ~%

    • ? ~%

  • Price: Pay what you want

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: ?

    • Positives: Lots of YT attention, scary


  • Asks to choose most unsettling image by instinct

    • First pair, 1 normal and 1 with odd eyes

    • When clicking image, it is further distorted and eyes turn black

    • Second pair is similar

  • Third pair is worse, first image is normal but a delay activates for the second

    • Low droning audio plays, really creepy

    • 2nd image is very dark, face in lower left corner

      • Face disappears when clicked

  • An image of a house appears with text

    • Music gets more disturbing and eerie

    • Text describes someone floating like a puppet around the house


  • Voice sounds low quality but it works


  • Camera is shaky, static, VHS quality

  • Tv is on static

  • Very dark, hard to see


  • Menu has static noise, VHS tape-esque


  • Threat active across the state

  • First exercise passed, goes on to describe what to look for

    • ‘Unusually long limbs’

    • Awkward movement, lack of facial features

  • Cuts back to the house, and abruptly transitions to a 3D environment

  • Police call takes place, assuming the creature is on the other end, cops come out

  • Game explicitly states that it is inspired by the Mandela Catalogue, then ends

Scare Factor

  • Down the hallway something walks by, attacks the mother and uses her voice

  • Text tells viewer that she is dead and to play dead

    • Player lays on the ground and starts to get up, but the creature rushes forward, large head


  • Was only released on


  • An excellent example of being extremely limited and using what you have to its full potential. Masterclass in minimalism

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