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Milk Inside a Bag of Milk x3

At A Glance

  • Released: 8/26/20

  • Reviews: 17,364, net Overwhelmingly Positive, as of 7/2023

  • English Reviews: 9,002

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: Yes, Missing Calm

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~48%

    • Russian ~16%

    • Spanish ~8%

  • Price: $0.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: Seems that the other side of the reviewers found the story boring, didn’t ‘feel’ what everyone else was, a lot of the reviews also felt compelled to bring up the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ score and how they were going against the tide (they felt they needed to defend themselves?)

    • Positives: A lot of the reviews in general are comedic in nature, but many of them also mention the mental health aspect of the game and what it meant to them. If I can describe the general consensus of the reviews in one word it would be ‘relatable’


  • Starts off giving a name, picking language

  • Choices are peppered throughout the game, result in different endings based on what is chosen

    • The choices given by the Narrator are typically encouraging or demoralizing


  • The audio is definitely different than what I’m accustomed too, *extremely* abstract, unknown, like a lucid dream, or cyberpunk-ish, synth-y


  • Choice pops up

  • Character speaks (Reminds me of Partners in Time)


  • Very ‘crusty’?-looking color palette, extremely violet and black


  • Breaks the 4th wall with the main character going to the store, then talking to herself (or perhaps a narrator)

  • Talking to self in the parking lot, rehearsing what to say before entering the store

  • Main character has been walking on the street and in the grass for 50 paces but is uneven in the grass, has an argument with self about how it should be even

  • Approaches the store and rehearses line to the snake person?, music changes

  • He can only say ‘O’

    • Gets stuck in a loop where they repeat the same line, he repeats it bigger and smaller as character does

    • Character is afraid of the letter o, and shows exactly what she means (Scary image)

    • Repeats after ‘o’, then he crawls away (even though main character didnt see it)

  • Inside the store there are shelves and bags of milk

    • Weird store song, but seemingly thematically appropriate

    • Milk is obtained, or rather, a bag with milk inside

  • Approaches the register and rehearses line

    • Another snake-like person appears

    • Has difficulty receiving milk, inner voice says to pay for it

    • Says it takes about ‘two days’ before the cashier accepts it

  • They near a gas station and begin talking again about ice cream

  • Character is almost run over by a bear, but narrator corrects her and says it was a truck

  • The main character and narrator start talking about something that may have happened, if this is even real, and the character wants to speak to the person reading

    • AN explanation is offered for the color palette, it’s part of a medication or what the character is experiencing

  • Character makes it home and the voices stay quiet since the medicine wears off

  • In the apartment her Mom is asking about the milk, and if the medicine worked

  • The conversation is very one-sided, and disinterested

  • She tells the character to go to bed

Scare Factor

  • Not scary in the traditional sense, but psychologically can touch on a lot of problems people face themselves


  • This game was made (I believe) with Ren’py, but lacks all selections and menu items


  • I think overall this game is something far too abstract for me to be able to make, and touches on areas of the human mind that I can’t grasp in the same way others can

  • Would it even be right to make a game about a character who is suicidal without knowing what it’s like for myself?

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