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Outlast: Whistleblower

At A Glance

  • Released: 5/6/14

  • Reviews: 3,164, net overwhelmingly positive, as of /2023

  • English Reviews: 1,411

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~31%

    • Russian ~22%

    • Turkish ~8%

  • Price: $8.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: too short, not that scary, predictable and too linear

    • Positives: a particular scene and character in the game were so far beyond what anyone imagined it’s been forever seared as a pinnacle of disgust and terror, (not many other useful reviews)


  • Back in the daylight, the scaffolding is still accessible but the ladder is down and the players cannot jump, smart


  • Some docs aren’t animated since they are outside FOV

  • Torture room is just an isolated area very close to spawn, not connected to remaining game though

    • Torture room is still there while he is typing up the email

  • Animation of the guards securing Gluskin are lacking, hiding the bodies makes it unnecessary to show them at 100%

  • Security guard runs into an inaccessible room but doesn’t disappear, why?

    • Should save resources?

  • Two guards talking, the one facing away has no lip sync, not needed

    • He is animated though

  • Loading into the foggy courtyard seems to be a completely different area

  • When Waylon falls through the roof, the outer part is still fixed and unbroken

    • From the inside it is broken in, outer mesh isn’t changed

  • Savior was animated sneaking up on Gluskin

  • When Waylon threw on his clothes the transition was instant, maybe mesh swapping

  • Animations for the rope are interesting, most of it is flat, but some of it seems to be influenced by physics

    • There is also a large amount of slack around Gluskins body

  • Gore on Gluskins body is a decal, nothing on his backside

  • At the basement level down the stairs there is a square of daylight, overlooked?

  • The ending section with the laptop is buried beneath the asylum, its not in another level or anything

  • Miles actually has a face on the Walrider nanobots, but it’s untextured


  • Meet a doctor trapped in a decontamination chamber, patient walks in and kills him

    • Said he was a patient that found a doctors outfit, but it’s impossible to know if he was lying or not

  • Security tells Waylon to fuck off, and as he leaved the door closes

    • The next area is a cannibal confrontation, this forces logic of guard securing his hiding spot while also forcing the player to move into the next scarea

Scare Factor

  • Still just as terrifying if not more so than the base game


  • An excellent addition to the main game and filled a large hole in the narrative of the base game ending that people may have been unhappy with

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