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Oxide Room 104

At a glance

  • Reviews: 110, net Mixed, as of 7/2023

  • English reviews: 42

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

  • English ~29%

  • Russian ~ 16%

  • Simplified Chinese ~ 10%

  • Price: $24.99

  • Review Report: Quick glance shows problems with gameplay, starting the entire game over upon 4 deaths, VA is unnecessary at some points


  • Can inspect the toilet

  • There is a pissing minigame

  • There is also a key in the toilet, can piss on it then reach into your own piss to get the key

  • The key in the toilet may have opened a drawer, but there was also an option to brute force open it

  • MC was a klutz and smacked his head on the bathtub, got some kind of concussion

  • Tutorial says that this might be irreversible if it isn’t taken care of quickly, seems to be part of some deeper gameplay to ensure the character is healthy

  • Concussion got me killed, mysterious man sawed leg off and sent me back into the tub

  • Picked up a revolver, no tutorial on how to use it

  • Figured out holding right-click does it, not obvious


  • Objects can be inspected, and like many other horror games a little blurb about the item is given, but the MC speaks the blurb out loud

  • This is common in games like Silent Hill, but I’ve never seen voice acting upon inspection (And now I know why, do not do this)

  • SFX was lacking right when the first monsters showed up


  • Can see the bottom half of player model

  • Excellent photo-realistic style

  • Atmosphere was excellent, never knew if the area was safe or not


  • Main menu is animated underwater, sfx of underwater present too, never seen before

  • To start game need to press both mouse buttons

  • Game UI cannot be used with a standard mouse, must be navigated with arrow keys

Scare Factor

  • After leaving the room, evil skin monsters attack, not scary, music didn’t raise tension

  • Could’ve been a heavier hitting scene, but instead it was an opportunity squandered

  • To avoid the monsters there were QTEs


  • Made with Unreal


  • Had to end playthrough, overall can see where complaints are coming from, at certain points this game does not deliver enough terror to hold the player.

  • There’s more mystery and thriller present in the game, and I think when people look for horror they want to be scared first, then enveloped in the world and its’ creatures second

  • The game had multiple endings which encouraged additional playthroughs and replayability, but at a certain point some of the positives are tainted by massive negatives like having entire strides of progress reset with a death (could have been alleviated by some type of checkpoint system, or perhaps save-scumming (not sure if that could’ve worked)

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