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At A Glance

  • Released: 6/12/21

  • Reviews:1341, net very positive, as of 11/2023

  • English Reviews: 794

  •  Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

  • English ~59% 

  • German ~5%

  •  Russian ~5%

  • Price: free

  • Review report

  • Negatives:  too short, not scary

  • Positives:   Scary, free, time mechanic is cool


  • Interacting with a clock sends player ‘back in time’

  • Player is rewinding objects then finding items to fix them (like the grandfather clock)

  • Moving between times to find items, and use consequences to make things happen differently


  •  Song plays in the credits, hint of sadness but good


  • Low rumbling like thunder plays as environmental music, might actually be thunder at certain points 

  • Very nice time manipulation sounds when using the watch


  • The book Catcher in the rye is in the apartments, is that technically allowed?

  • Shader effect is present on objects that can be time manipulated


  • Option category names are selectable, but do nothing when clicked on


  • Time travel always seems to be a hit, and this focuses on the aftermath of one of the scientists after the experiment, what happened to his family, and what he brought back with him

Scare Factor

  • As soon as the first door is opened a lanky, humanoid figure is down the hall in another room and its head is doing the Lisa thing from PT

  • Definitely feels like it was inspired by PT, has a radio, a hallway, an apartment, and a creature

  • Kid laughing and running away when approaching a dark corridor

  • Specter flying across hallway when coming out of the bathroom

  • Hallway walls have antlers everywhere and a monster shows up in the middle, reminds me of the lanky thing from we went back

  • For some of the jumpscares they relied on the player facing the right direction at the right time


  • Made with unity

  • Credits are an interactable ending in a room, took a solid 10 seconds to load


  • Does time travel + horror work considerably well?

  • The game was short, but injected with a lot of lore through radio and tv hosts

  • The monster was interesting, some kind of entity that showed up in the time travel experiments

  • Some of the scares might have been missed because the player doesn’t get forced into looking at them, happened to me where I missed a couple but definitely heard the sound cue and knew something was there

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