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Room 13

At A Glance

  • Released: 10/4/21

  • Reviews: 42, net mixed, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 21

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~49%

    • Spanish ~11%

    • German ~9%

  • Price: $2.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: too short for price, enemy AI is dumb

    • Positives: scary, good graphics, intensity builds quickly


  • Key to room is right on the desk, pick up with F

  • Starts banging on door, seems like infinite (gives you time to run)

  • Crawl through vent to another bloody room

    • Crawling is slow

  • Transition to a shed full of hanging meat

    • There’s no door, how did bad guy get in? (open vent)

  • Found a door and automatically transitioned to new area

    • Bad guy footsteps audible, music is fitting

    • He's running around kind of goofy

  • Enemy pathfinding is off, circling the car was enough to make him give up and be off

    • Cam shake plays when he grabs you, one shot kill, back to spawn

  • 3 collectibles before end (keys, lockpick, fuse)


  • No sound when mousing over UI elements

  • Footsteps sound weird, like from an old SH game

  • Light knocking on door doesn’t match how much the door is moving

  • Slams aren’t in time with door animation

    • Bad guy is also out there idling


  • Very good animation of getting out of car, first-person

    • No sound/music, immediately after getting out

  • I can see rain drops on ground but no SFX and no droplets

  • Looks like the level just ends at a certain point beyond the toll

  • Really nice pictures of dessert on the wall, almost doesn’t fit

  • Inside room 14 there is a point light above the bed on wall but I can’t see a light fixture etc.

  • Door animation bugs out when opening/closing really fast

  • I can see through the drapes who is knocking

  • Blood in every room but no bodies

  • Escape to an entire back area

    • Run down stairs and the guy jump scares you from behind (door slams were still audible)

  • Meat packing plant

    • The conveyor bars look like rolling pins, I think that’s what they actually are

  • In the room with hanging pigs there is a light flickering

    • I swear when the light turns off the bodies drop a little bit

  • When rounding corners there is a small visual bug

  • Floating lights used to illuminate vents

  • 2 cutscenes showing getting in car and busting out, then driving away


  • Main menu starts as an in-game deal, love these

  • Options have everything for graphics, controls, but no audio


  • Free to explore everywhere so i ignored the objective and checked out the news van

    • Grisly scene, blood everywhere, creeping me out

    • Got scared by my own footsteps

Scare Factor

  • One door is interacted with jumpscare occurs and you look out the peephole


  • Credits have no names, just the company

  • Game got an update after launching, added bug fixes? And a driving minigame at the ending


  • A decent-enough game if the player isn’t scrutinizing details

  • Did well for YT, decent fodder

  • Scares were effective when scripted

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