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September 1999

At A Glance

  • Released: 10/10/18

  • Reviews: 2020, net very positive, as of 7/2023

  • English Reviews: 1,298

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~64%

    • Russian ~10%

    • Spanish ~5%

  • Price: Free, paid $1 DLC to keep game in library

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: Story is disconnected and not enough for players (no real idea of what’s happening), lacking gameplay besides walking around, game was too short

    • Positives: Graphics and atmosphere were good, some players liked the story


  • Restricted to walking around a bedroom and hallway to view changes over the course of playtime


  • No music present


  • Effects were very good, everything looked photo-realistic because of the camera


  • Camcorder UI gives it a grainy, crusty look like the footage is old


  • Starts out with guy standing in his apartment with a camcorder

  • Story is told through cut segments of recordings

  • YOU play the murderer

    • Murderer types always seem to have a radio playing their murder theme song (Usually classical music)

Scare Factor

  • Buildup with the apartment going from well-lit to dark, loud knocking when the police show up

    • Also subtle changes (blood on the walls, fallen decorations, different lighting


  • Made with Unity

  • Game only runs for 5 minutes and 30 seconds

  • It seems like the paid DLC option didn’t attract many buyers (less than 10 reviews as of 7/2023)


  • The game had an atmosphere that I appreciated personally, and I was shocked to see how well the game came out for only having two rooms

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