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Sinner 97

At A Glance

  • Released: 11/22/22

  • Reviews:32, net positive, as of 11/2023

  • English Reviews: 23

  •  Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: no

  • Majority of reviews:

  • English ~63% 

  • Simplified Chinese ~8%

  •  Russian ~8%

  • Price: $4.99

  • Review report

  • Negatives:  large house that is confusing to navigate, fetch quests, similar to other horror games like it but the worst of the bunch for some reason, 

  • Positives:   gameplay atmosphere and map design are very good, seems to have a formula people recognize from the early Granny gaems and Nun Massacre, no bugs, 


  • Notes are present in the game world, seems there is no option to read text-only and must rotate the 3d object for readability, difficult

  • Hidey spots are used by crouching into them, no option to interact and let animations do the rest 

  • Items need to be used to solve light puzzles and gain other items to progress

  • Can only hold 3 items at a time, retro handicap


  •  Reminiscent of old PS2/ps1 games


  • UI has sound effects from old RE games or silent hill

  • Footsteps around the house are very good, menacing, keeps me on my toes and alerts me before the enemies see me


  • Nice dithering effect over the entire screen of the game


  • Camcorder zoom animation clamps to a certain second duration no matter what zoom % it is


  • Notes are scattered around the house that detail some of the events that took place in-game

Scare Factor

  • When enemy sees you for first time a voice clip plays, then extremely loud chase stinger and music

  • May have gotten hit immediately, then was given some leeway to escape

  • Light exploded in a storage closet

  • Dead body in a wheelchair moves toward player

  • Dead person standing in doorway slams the door shut loudly when i get close

  • Dead person in prison jumpscares with a loud moan

  • Giant feeder from Half life is on the ceiling in the crypt/prison, getting more clear what the horror is and where it might have come from


  • Lots of audience overlap between this and puppet combo

  • Made in unity

  • Achievements appear to be broken, or only active on a per-open basis since I loaded in

  • Gathering all evidence does not appear to have any effect on the ending


  • A great ‘short’ game, one location, multiple sub-locations to visit and puzzle through.  Didn’t do phenomenally, but it’s a modest success if the budget is kept low enough.  Probably could have benefited significantly from localization into another language or two

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