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Suite 776

At A Glance

  • Released: 12/6/19

  • Reviews: 520, net very positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 423

  • Localized in: English

  • Had Publisher: No (Publisher is himself)

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~70%

    • German ~6%

    • Russian ~4%

  • Price: $3.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: only 1 jumpscare, no saves, graphics are mediocre, jumpscares are predictable, boring, annoying and tedious

    • Positives: short, creepy, good atmosphere, puzzles are good, story is good,


  • Wake up with camcorder and NV

    • Totally dark hallway and really weak NV

      • Turned a weakness into a strength

  • Door opens as i walk back to main area


  • After ringing bell and trying to leave it prompts me to ring it again, and creepy subtle music starts playing

    • Excellent way of ratcheting up tension

    • Music stops when bell is rung

  • Door opens after ringing bell again and some good tension-building ambience plays

  • Ambient music has been playing for awhile now, coupled with heartbeat that i didn’t notice

    • Music stops when bell is rung


  • No difference in sound on rug vs. wood

    • Ambient music also not present

  • Approaching common area there is humming or laughter

    • Eventually stops, no loop

    • Jumpscare and chandelier falls, ‘cutscene’ where the text is displayed


  • Arrive in elevator, textures on wall look a bit stretched

  • Nice yard can be seen through the windows, no leaves are moving, very still, almost synthetic? Feels wrong

    • Sunny though, calm before the storm

  • Outside windows there is space where the fence appears to stop, the unity default skybox appears, and there are a couple floating primitive objects

  • Light explodes as i walk away from door

  • Office is an impossible space, earlier the window revealed this area was out in the open

  • Marcys head was sticking out of the bathtub curtains

    • There is an option to pull it back, but the character refuses


  • No options in the start menu, only play/quit (With numbers?

  • Gives warning about flashing lights and length of game ~50 minutes


  • Very few notes thus far, but they seem to serve plot well

    • Do people actually enjoy notes?

  • Message in blood said ‘come upstairs’

  • The door at the bell leads to a basement, ambient bass

  • After looking at a guide it appears the game cannot be beaten without getting 10 photos of Marcy for an item that progresses the game

Scare Factor

  • Front door closes when approaching, queues breathing and heartbeat

    • Heading back inside, bell is rung as i get closer

  • Peeking in a door reveals enemy jumpscare, got me

    • I assumed i would just be able to walk in the room

  • Mannequins are all over the place, I don’t know why they are such a big thing in games

    • Marcy was at the end of the hallway, head freaking out

    • Expecting jumpscare, mannequins quietly rolled out

  • Watching security cams revealed Marcy (she stood still for a long time, thought something broke)

    • She traveled up the room i was in, stood outside

  • Went back to the bathroom and there was just a mannequin in the tub, then when i walked out Marcy attacked from a corner

  • Woke up to an alarm and all the lights go out

    • Shortly after Marcy starts muttering nearby and moves


  • A nice short experience that worked well with the minimal environment and building tension to prep a scare for the player

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