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The Beast Inside

At A Glance

  • Released: 10/17/19

  • Reviews: 7,276, net very positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 2,209

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

  • Simp. Chinese ~28%

  • English ~26%

  • Russian ~18%

  • Price: $24.99

  • Review report:

  • Negatives: story starts off strong then gets worse, dragging and interacting with objects is not good, too many jumpscares, game had crashes and technical difficulties for some people

  • Positives: graphics are good, good scares, varied gameplay


  • If falling too far you will die

  • Past guy gets a gun, a welcome addition

  • In boss battles it looks like 1 hit deaths

  • Not 1 hit, but close (no meter to know how much damage you can take)

  • Chase sequence occurs in hotel by ghost people

  • Walking animation was a bit off (looked like sprinting)

  • Can injure player while reading document

  • Shadow that walks around corner forces player to slow down just enough that they can’t see what it actually is

  • When fat man chases, after unlocking door i turned back and he was far away, but after a second it appeared like he was much closer and i was killed

  • Without warning he breaks into a sprint and appears much closer when door is open

  • Chase sequence good until tracks, after falling the camera tilts down and you don’t see the minecart, no time to dodge

  • Adding an option to skip puzzles is very nice

  • The mines were dreadful and a pointless, irritating chore

  • Swamp monsters don’t kill immediately, adds confusion


  • When changing menu options really fast the music resets

  • SFX is very deep and satisfying

  • Interesting music choice for the intro


  • There is a spot near the front entrance where the clock ringing sounds distorted/far away


  • No first-person model present outside of cutscenes

  • When cutting down deer in the barn, rope disappears and camera pans away from the animal (keeping the fall hidden?)

  • Animations are weird, a little too obvious, too much effort

  • Lighting changes considerably when inside soviet cabin

  • Really impressive mirror scene that also showed off a model of the characer


  • Main character is a decryption expert which gives credit to any puzzles encountered

  • Game switches characters between past and present

  • Stomping comes from upstairs

  • Old man is up there stationary, were the footsteps intended to be his? Or is there another intruder?

  • Top hat gentleman comes out of a room and protagonist falls over railing

  • Quantum tool is established and looks fantastic

  • Weird alt-game where you go into detective mode

  • Marital feud is cringey

  • Past character is just crazy and committed a bunch of murder

  • Choice at the end between acceptance and denial

  • Also a choice on the other end

Scare Factor

  • Jumpscare done through cutscene with crow

  • Other jumpscare occurred when walking back into the house (creepy old man)

  • Then another in the kitchen (effective, while i was exploring)

  • Banging coming from cellar door, protagonist practically begs to check (even though there is a ton of blood leading in)

  • As soon as door is opened the knocking ends

  • Crawlspaces seem to be one of the most exposed places to cause a jumpscare (exposed, claustrophobic, can’t get away)

  • Scare occurs in crawlspace on the way back out (Man crawls quickly towards player)

  • Unnerving and effective

  • Doorway out slams shut, unexpected jumpscare (vines appear)

  • Lady scares protagonist with hat, somehow hid a bucket of paint inside


  • My big problems with Ch. 3

  • Click and drag to open everything

  • Bounce back on windows

  • Can pick up everything

  • Unintuitive puzzle solving (navigating menus for the cipher)

  • For a puzzle like this or any it should have all info on the same screen/area

  • Unnecessary jump button

  • Gas light, more emphasis on hoarding items instead of focusing on story/exploration

  • Instructions for controls pause the game and stop the flow


  • Game was irritating

  • Good graphics

  • Super cheesy, cringey voice acting

  • Decent sound design and environment

  • Story about a couple of mentally ill middle-aged men

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