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The Park

At A Glance

  • Released: 10/27/15

  • Reviews: 2,303, net mixed, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 1,567

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: No

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~68%

    • German ~8%

    • Russian ~4%

  • Price: $12.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: lack of replayability and quite short (under 2 hours), overpriced, confusing story, underused villains

    • Positives: scary, interesting story, graphics are acceptable


  • Park attractions can be ridden (like octoride)


  • In the main menu music is menacing but somewhat upbeat


  • Real time shot of a parking lot as the main menu, selections are simple with white text and a nice hover effect

  • On the escalator ride into the park it starts getting rusty, decrepit, gross, darker


  • Starts out light-hearted

  • There is a swan ride with a hansel and grettel story inside

    • Appears to serve no purpose besides achievements and curiosity

    • Mother has memories of the story (seems to be connected)

  • Readable documents enhance and reveal more story, a bit unsettling

  • Husband was a worker on the ferris wheel

  • Dialogue reveals mother is sick of the child and vindictive

  • Ending appears to be the mother finding Callum and being influenced by whatever spirit is present to kill him

    • Then she winds up in the police office talking to a detective

Scare Factor

  • Text straight warns player of what’s in store for the game

  • At the end of the swan ride the head turns around, unsettling, but not scary

  • Scary creature appears when the ride gets really fast, jumpscare? Not very effective

  • Reading story about a creepy chipmunk, jumpscare occurred after putting it down, effective!

  • Sometimes after document there will be a ‘jumpscare’, this seems to be somewhat effective for the second time

  • Whenever a scary moment happens vision gets blurry and doubled, also a heavy heart-pounding

  • A spirit appears behind in roller coaster ride, speaks about the child

  • In the house of horrors a squirrel stand fell and behind it was the real one, effective jumpscare

  • One of the wood stands sprang up, effective

  • There is an article about a child who got dismembered

    • Can examine the body

    • Afterwards you must turn around and the squirrel suit is there

      • Tried walking backwards and the game stopped me (expected)

      • A better way this could be done is pushing the model further back? Felt like it was too close


  • Short with an interesting and rarely scene locale to explore.

  • Note: as of writing in 2023 Russian translations appear to garner more review share in horror than they did with this game released in 2015, not sure why this is

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