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The Shore

At A Glance

  • Released: 2/19/21

  • Reviews: 1,207, net mostly positive, as of 8/2023

  • English Reviews: 897

  • Localized in:

  • Had Publisher: yes

  • Majority of reviews:

    • English ~64%

    • Russian ~6%

    • German ~5%

  • Price: $11.99

  • Review report:

    • Negatives: poor combat, too many invisible walls, writing was weak, enemy animations weren’t good

    • Positives: excellent atmosphere, good audio, good gameplay variety, good graphics


  • Default is press to sprint, normally hold

  • Two paths, dead end with candles and long path with no candles

    • I chose candles

  • There is a ‘the Forest’-style inventory system

  • Picked up artifact, laser weapon

  • Came to a ‘boss’ room, monster wouldn’t stop chasing me and I was told to ‘try and avoid it’

    • Monster saw me immediately on entering room


  • Music is a bit too uplifting, mysterious, but feels more like fantasy forest than ocean

  • Underwater music, sounds good for the area

    • Landmines from finding nemo, too afraid to step on it


  • Voice is kind of annoying, sounds like a weird, bad recording environment

  • Voice told me to get in a pit, lots of dead bodies and a portal

    • Some human, others not

  • Spinning disc has a cheap-sounding sfx


  • Message in a bottle, gets read by VA, had a weird rotation point

  • Almost positive all trees are billboard sprites on the inner island

  • Can look down and see body, arms are a little too forward like Ralphie

    • Buttons and straps look a little too low-res for ultra settings

  • There is a chalkboard in lighthouse with scribbles

    • Then an image of a creature that looks way too good to be a sketch

    • Did they just stick a decal onto the board?

  • Painting at the top of a scary creature which isn’t around

  • Bioshock wrench spotted

  • Found the cutoff of some rocks

  • Lots of little polish things could have been solved but weren’t

    • They add up when players notice

  • Monolith animated up a little fast, but returned to slow

  • Scary underground lady appears to activate a post-process effect

  • Big shark on beach, might be an asset i used

  • I think the monolith looped back to its origin

  • Giant mist-like creature through a portal; good inspiration

  • Some underwater human was swimming above a massive hole and tentacles everywhere


  • Option to turn FPS on, default Unreal stats

  • Pause menu is only text, no overlay or darkening which was a mistake


  • Wake up (take a guess where)

    • Kind of close to main menu area, by lighthouse

  • Guy lost his wife, where is she?

  • Saw a boat from a telescope, a guy was on it

    • Also a seemingly oversized seagull too

  • Portal goes to the big monolith, got drawn on the chalkboard

  • The awoken monolith starts walking away

  • Put on a suit and explored water

  • Mines do not explode if stepped on

  • Pick up cthulhu statue and talk to him

  • Somehow I got transported to alternate HP lovecraft space universe

  • Voice told me to follow through dark, I did and I saw the edge of the world

  • Released giant monster, achievement called it Dagon

  • Made it out to large open space

    • Woke up cthulhu

    • Portal to some purple underground skin lair

    • Go into some dream as ending

    • Too heavy on HP lovecraft, i don’t get it

    • Game crashed at end

Scare Factor

  • Scary dead thing underground, evil voice starts speaking

  • Some creature started talking to us, tentacles

    • Music got way better and more dramatic

  • While i was looking at a dead whale a creature came out of the water and chased me

    • I almost died because I wasn’t on the correct path

    • Boulders blocked path and i was safe

  • I dropped into a hole and a monster chased me

    • Nothing i could do, i tried running but it just immediately hit me and i died

  • Had to pull hands off of creepy statues

    • Last one jumpscared me


  • Server link for Discord in the main menu, broken, good idea though

  • The people who understood and have read HP Lovecraft and no HR Giger are very big fans, the ones who may have been looking for a different type of experience rated the game negatively, may not have been communicated to them effectively


  • Unnerving at some parts, but was ultimately not that scary

  • Unique setting for a game, very rarely does horror take place on a beach, much less in broad daylight

  • Extremely heavy on HP Lovecraft, could be a bar for others like me who have had limited experience with the stories

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